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This is beautiful caring girl that loves people. She is always smiling, but cry's a lot also. She loves art and music but sometimes gets really shy around people. She cares about anything and everything. She can be really fun and funny but can be really goofy and sometimes take things overboard. Other than that she is a really good person and you will have a great time with her no matter what. She is always down to earth ad will tell you how it is. never fake.
Look At Latricia, Everyone loves her.!
by iLove May 17, 2012
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A fat whale
That guy is a mr underwood.
by Ilove July 13, 2014
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only the best role model ever
1. singer
2. model
3. actress
4. author
5. rich
6. pretty
7. famous
8. philanthropist

you put that on your resume and then you can talk.
i want to grow up to be just like paris hilton
by ilove April 19, 2008
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