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The livest state on the East Coast the heart of the Tri-state area, cats always wanna diss Jersey but
its live out here,and they mad because they stuck out there in Omaha Nebraska Shotout to the Whole 609, 856, 732, 201, 908,973, the whole JERSEY!!!!
"where you from ock?"

"oh word damn kid it gets gully out there!"
by illesko March 14, 2006
also known as A.C.
The east coast equivalent to Las Vegas a city where the inhabitants are overlooked and live amongst Pimps Pushers Prostitutes, and Poverty

Home Of Black Wall Street East, rappers like Riz, Captains of Bread, and MAVA 800blok and Smoke

A city where multi million dollar hotels stand a few blocks
away from low income housing

Home of the Monopoly Board Game

Despite all of its ills its still one of the illest cities
in NJ A.C. STAND UP!!!
"You're from Jersey...what part?"

"I'm from Atlantic City."

"A.C.?Oh word? my mans and them stay out there on Maryland Ave"
by illesko October 27, 2007
Home of a unique Culture where niggas get killed over nothing
where Tre 9 Bloods Crips and Latin Kings run amuck in

Home of North jersey hoods like Newark, Jersey City ,Trenton Irvinton, EO, and New Gunswick

Home of South Jersey hoods like Camden, Atlantic City( 609 shit nigga), Willingboro, Mt holly

a place where we dont really like dirty ass philly niggas and borderline homo NY niggas come down to A.C. and get robbed for they shit before

Home of some of the Most Dangerous cities in the US
Im from where screws is loose/Gunpoint dudes stripped nude and that aint even half of NEW JERUZ" Joe Buddens
by illesko June 27, 2007