3 definitions by iksomeshit

E- Eating
Y- You
O- Out

Eating a girls vagina aka pussy.
James: I want to eyo.
Jasmine: Ok, cum over.
by iksomeshit January 1, 2021
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This stuff.

The less vulgar version of ts= this shit
Ts is lame, ts is difficult.”
by iksomeshit June 23, 2022
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A dumbass which nobody likes (except the hoenuts) let’s cover everything she’s done shall we?

- said the n word multiple times (she’s white btw)

- taught 6 year olds how to vape

- ( trigger warning) made 2 six year olds kill themselves 🤡
- had s3x while babysitting

- more i can’t even list
Who’s that?

Her? That’s Zoe Laverne . We don’t like her , in fact we hate her. Honestly she needs to be canceled .

What’d she do?

I’ll tell you later it’s a lot .

Woah she must be a horrible bitch .
by iksomeshit April 21, 2020
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