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Paul VI or PVI is a Catholic High School located in Haddonfield, NJ. Supposedly its a good school and its fun and shit. Hah not at all. I wake up every morning hoping that I get raped just so I can miss one day. Unfortunately, it never happens. Thus, day after day, I go to school and sit in my useless class while my teachers talk about shit that I'll never use nor will I even care about. Then you get a free period which is our fucked-up version of a lunch period and study hall all rolled up into one hell filled 43 minutes. At free the fries are either uncooked or rock hard so either way you are fucked sideways. If your lucky, you might have a few friends to sit with but if not, have fun being Steven Glansburg. This year, however, they added one good thing, flex days. One cycle day is stretched out over 2 days so each period is 70 minutes which completely blows but halfway through the day you have a whole period to do whatever you want. Our sports teams are either very good or just suck. Normally we suck except for out boys cross crountry team who won about 48 trillion years in a row but either way no one really cares about them. Our mascot is the Eagles. Yes, very original considering that we are about 15 minutes away from the Philadelphia Eagles. Also another good thing about this school is that about 95% of this school gets drunk every weekend so that always good but nowadays what school isn't like that. Overall PVI isn't good. If you got a choice, get out as soon as you you can.
PVI Student:Are you going to Paul VI High School next year?
8th Grader:Idk i hope not, I heard it sucks.
PVI Student:It sure does.
by idrinkbeer February 19, 2009

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