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Someone possessing the exact opposite of the stereotypes of a deaf person, like the comic book character Daredevil, but in reverse/ Instead of possessing acute senses to make up for their lack of hearing, a deaf and dumb person would probably die of smoke inhalation after starting a cooking fire because they are too unobservant to see the spreading flames, smell the smoke, or feel the heat, or and too idiotic to remember that they were cooking something in the first place -- all as the fire eventually consumed the house.
They have no deaf or hard of hearing friends because they're too lazy to learn sign language. Instead, they force you to use a unique form of pidgin that's a mixture of pantomime, pointing, and sounding things out with your mouth until you both become frustrated and the deaf and dumb becomes angry that you made them put their hearing aid on because they "don't like wearing it." It usually takes them 20 minutes to find their hearing aid but god forgive you if you have somewhere to be, as anything other than patiently waiting will result in them screaming at you while you can't respond. Even if they are able to hear you, they often obfuscate obvious sentences into nonsense. To use the first example of the cooking fire, a family member might run up to them and yell, "The house is on fire!" Even after having a lifetime to learn lip reading, they would probably respond, "The mouse has gone prior?" or, "I'm already using the fryer!! Are you blind?"
I learned ASL to better communicate with my deaf and dumb mother, but she said it was too hard, like learning to text. Instead she insists on screaming into the phone then hanging up on me when she gets frustrated. She will die alone.
by idgaf187 August 20, 2021
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A dickaround game (sometimes spelled with a space after the k) is a game a narcissist plays to be purposely late. Did they promise to drop you off or pick you up from work at x time while your far is getting fixed? They don't have to get out of the car, they will be seen by nobody, but before they can drive 10 minutes to your work and back again, (all gas and time is comped) they have to get dressed up as if going to fancy dinner party, spend hours putting on makeup or "feeding the cats" hours before they're scheduled to be fed. If you bring up the fact that they are AT LEAST (I'm being way too unrealistic here here) 45 minutes late it's somehow your fault because you said "between 9:10 and 9:12" and that's not an EXACT time. The solution is to distance yourself from your mother or whatever other family member pulls this shit on you and find some friends who will help you as you help them.
Sorry Frank, I know I said I'd have my mom's truck here to help you move at 10, but she's playing dickaround games and has to style her hair before she can give me the key to the truck. Listen, I feel really bad, I guess I'll pay for a truck rental.
by idgaf187 January 05, 2022
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