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One who intentionally tries to disrupt a good thing. Can also be a cock block
Driver: Is that guy going to pass or just hang there.

Car passes and slows down in front of the car.

Passenger: Doucher!
by iamtechno December 14, 2008

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Sitting in my chair studying my ass off. What partiers often say when they are actually studying instead of partying. Pronounced "Sim-icks-mo."
person 1 What's up?
person 2 nm man
p1 r u going Sam's party 2night? itz gunna be killa!
p2 Naw man I have a math midterm tomorrow. SIMCSMAO.
p1 that sucks a big one!
p2 Tell me about it...
by iamtechno May 20, 2009

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