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This is a pretty intense sport where you ride your horse 25,50, or 100 miles. FOr a 25 mile race you have 6 hours to complete for a 50 you have 12 and for a 100 you have 24 hours.

During an edurance races you will ride on trails and roads. everyone follows the same path that is marked, usually by ribbions tied to trees or bushes or spray paint.

You will have mandatory vet checks and holds. This means you have to stay at the vet check for a certain amout of time. Your time begins when your horses heart rate comes down (usually to 60) In this time the vet has to examine your horse to make sure they are fit to continue. They are looking for lameness and medibolic problems. You carry a vet card on you and the vets score your horse b4 you start, at each vet check, and after you finish. They score with A B C (if your horse has a D on anything it is likley you will get pulled (that means cant go on))

Many people don't actually race "to finish is to win" is AERC (american endurace riders confrence) motto.

after you complete the race there is an awards cermony where they call out peoples name, place and how long it took them to complete. If you get in the top ten you show bor BC (best condition) This is were the vets judge which horse looks the best at the end. It is judged on; how the horse looks at the end, you vet scores through out the day, how much weight the horse carried and so on... BC is considered an honor in the endurace world.
"I just came back from headwaters of the rouge, which was an endurance race in oregon. We came in 28th place and our time was 8hrs and 24 minutes"

"We are going to Redwood Ride II next weekend, it is my favorite endurace race!"
by iamjustagirl9 August 16, 2006
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