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"Crafty Brown" is a term used to describe just about anything that is done in a crafty way, mainly in the context of school life. Originally meaning "a quick sneaky fag" (probably at school), the term developed to mean any number of things of a "crafty" nature, including but not limited to: masturbation (in or out of school), copying homework, lying, sleeping during lessons, smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, taking a quick poo (this is crafty because no-one is EVER supposed to take a dump at school), skiving off lessons and skiving off school.

It can also mean a person of asian descent who is crafty or shady in nature.
"Hey, im just goin' for a crafty brown" (means what you want it to mean)

"That Kiran is a right crafty brown"
by i_love_kiran_k_dawda March 02, 2007
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dawdadogg is a pioneering crafty brown. Along with peeg and charlie gingeface, he was one of the founding members of A Iz Fo' Abacus. The term crafty brown was invented by the members of A Iz Fo' Abacus, and popularised on their first album, Edukation 2 Da Nation

dawdadogg(pbuh) is used in the same way as "oh god!" or "jesus christ!"

"dawdadogg(pbuh)! that came as quite a shock!"

"what a crafty brown! dawdadogg!"
by i_love_kiran_k_dawda March 02, 2007
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