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Is a word/term most commonly used in the Kpop music industry. Are people who are against an certain singer or group.

Antis (usually irrational FanGirls) are always idoits who find the faults and/or negative view on the person they are against(anti). No matter what the person/group does Antis WILL always find some negative flaw in it and put it on blast in attempt to make the whole world think that, that person/group is horrible and deserves to die.

When asking an Anti why they are an Anti. The Anti will ramble on without giving an valid logical reason.

The most common insults from Antis are..
"{insert group name} has no talent!!!"
"{insert group name} had plastic surgery!!"

Anti's speficy what "breed" they are by putting the group's name that they hate after the word Anti. In the end Antis have no common sense. And fail at life.
Anti Kara
Anti WonderGirls

Conversation between an Anti and a an Sone

Sone: OMG! SNSD just got back from an charity event for helping disable kids! And donated atleast 1 million dollars!

Anti: Oh you mean the plastic whores gave disable kids money to get some PSplastic surgery for themselves?!?
by iHateAntis October 17, 2011

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