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Edomites, for centuries used to do the gruesome, highly technical handwork for gold as Rome's "Christ-killers," to build Empire on mass terror of public impalements (viz. "crucifixions") of tens of thousands of Christs as the specific and unique punishment under codified Roman law for the second conviction for "sedition": to deny Caesar was God Almighty, the Creator of the universe true Americans know is our only Sovereign by express covenant, filched the name of the House of Israel following Rome's extermination of its remnant still at Jerusalem in AD70.

They are Ezekiel 38:11's "Gog"attacking America's "land of unwalled villages," the only "new nation" fulfilling the Bible's given prophesies for "Israel Restored," God's "Promised Land," the Hebrew prophet Isaiah's "Zion."
Edomite liturgy in the Synagogue of Satan states Americans (viz. "Gentiles") are "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" "to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity."
by iAmerican November 23, 2018
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