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ratzinger is also known as ratslayer, or boyfucker. other commonly used phrases are ''omnipotent boy stretcher''
''holy fat-heAD'' ''raboni'' or pope beneDICK...the 16th time we've busted fucking children
''yes your honor, I was indeed ratzinger ed , I now shit like a loose moose's caboose''
holy batman mother! He just walked in and with 2 sharp rights he successfully ratzinger ed 16 boys in less than a minute. Much like a sneezing fit
by humantheism October 04, 2010

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a derogatory term used to express digust for catholic's or catholicism.
I went to stick it in her ass, but she went katlick on me and we proceeded with missionary sex
by humantheism October 03, 2010

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pope wagon is a physical definition of the head of the katlick church's FAITH that he wont be shot
pope benedick the 16th ratslayer rides in a protected pope wagon because he has FAITH that no ratlings will open fire with a gatlin gun
by humantheism October 04, 2010

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