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Unlike most people here have said preps are not just slutty girls in Abercrombie (most preps dont even wear Abercrombie) and boys with popped collars and gelled hair.

A prep is somebody who goes to a prep school. Often wearing pastel colors and polos. They play sports like lacrosse, hockey, and squash. Generally overuse terms such as "chill" "legit" "bro" and "unreal"But does this really make them so terrible? So what if wear a ribbon in my hair? That doesn't mean I think I am so much better than everybody else. A common misconception is that all preps are brainwashed by the media. This is blatantly untrue. Preps don't all listen to the same music, don't tYpE lYk th!s, and don't just hate anyone who is different.

Everybody on this site likes to describe the typical prep stereotype, which is generally only seen in movies. Maybe if you actually took the time to talk to a prep, you would realize this. All you are doing is building false stereotypes
two fake preps-
fake prep girl: like omg lets go to Abercrombie!!!!
fake prep guy: no ima go beat up some freak
fake prep girl: or we could just have sex!!
fake prep guy: okay but we have to invite the hockey team
fake prep girl: sure!!!

two real preps-
prep guy 1: yo, wanna go play some lax after school?
prep guy 2: nah bro, i gotta go find mr. larkson, he's letting me retake the latin test
prep guy 1: nice, he's so chill about that stuff
prep guy 2: i know. its unreal
by hockey126 February 27, 2009

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A slower, easier, wimpier version of hockey. Boring. Guys tend to fall on the field crying after barely any contact and the refs give out red cards for nothing.
*watching soccer on tv*

guy 1: this is gay

guy 2: yeah check out if there's hockey on. i cant watch this shit any longer
by hockey126 February 16, 2009

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