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A webcomic written by K. Sandra Fuhr about a bunch of people, but mainly Collin Sri'Vastra and Fox Maharassa, two best friends who happen to be dating (they originally appeared as minor characters in Sandra's other comic, Boy Meets Boy). It's quite possibly the most kick-ass comic of all time. It's utterly hilarious, sorta goofy, incredibly sweet, surprisingly clever, and at times, very sad. The art is fantastic and the writing is even better.

Characters include (***shitload of spoilers!***):

- Collin Sri'Vastra, self-proclaimed people hater, but actually quite a sweet character. His ambition is to become dictator of a South American country (preferably Venezuela, though he switches to Nicaragua at one point). He has a weakness for lime jello and for his boyfriend, Fox.

- Kailen "Fox" Maharassa, hates his real name, and so goes by Fox. Bisexual and gregarious, he sometimes seems like Collin's exact opposite, but that doesn't stop him from loving Collin deeply. Works as a reporter at a tiny newspaper--his job often gets him into danger. Has been known to drive to LA on a whim, and to chase after pirates for the sake of his job.

- "Bootsie"/Ann, Collin's slave (he won her in a poker game). Winds up as a friend/sister figure to Fox and Collin. She's 16 at the beginning of the comic, and 21 when it ends. Has a sometimes naive view of love and romance, but sticks by her strong ethics, and winds up the better for it.

- The Demon, was living in Fox and Collin's fridge until they kicked him out. He has large rabbit-like ears, a tail, and wings (that sometimes get used as an umbrella). Though originally on bad terms with Collin, he befriends all the characters (except perhaps Arath).

- Arath, Collin's emo douche of a friend (he grows on you, I promise). Is often presumed to be gay, and so has a bit of discomfort around gay guys (this was kinda an issue with Collin at first). He meets Collin at college, and their mutual intolerance for stupidity and most people makes them fast friends.

- Leslie Rudd, Fox's rugged/slobby boss. Divorced, often drunk, and rarely clean-shaven, Leslie can appear to be without morals or cares, but in reality he cares a lot about his friends and the people he works with. Despite his propensity for sending the people who work for him off on pointless voyages, and often gets Fox nearly killed.

- Kitty, Leslie's fake/sometimes real girlfriend. She was hired by Leslie to act as a stand-in girlfriend to make himself look better to his ex-wife, but she develops real feelings for him and winds up sticking around.

- Derringer, the photographer at Leslie's newspaper, in love with Leslie. Though this is mostly just a joke at first (Derringer makes out with Leslie while he's unconscious, and tries to pass off massaging his feet as a Japanese tradition), the two wind up sorta together-ish. Kitty and Derringer end up "sharing" Leslie. It sounds weird, but I promise it's not as bizarre as it seems. It's two people in love with one guy, and that one guy feeling enough for each of them that it all work out.

- Fatima Maharassa, Fox's kick-ass feminist older sister. She refuses to conform to contemporary expectations for feminine beauty, and has a sometimes strained relationship with her mother, who embraces her femininity fully. Later in the story, Fatima marries a man because she wants his dog and house.

- Padma and Nefertari Maharassa, Fox's parents. Nefertari's an ex-dancer, Padma's a crazy scientist (his experiments include making a missile that also toasts bread, and attempting to impregnate Fatima's stalker with Fatima's DNA...and accidentally shooting her into space). Nefertari is often the voice of reason, despite the fact that she once bit Collin's mother's hand.

- Rafi, Fox's "uncle," a short and sleazy satanic priest. He's actually just a friend of Nefertari and Padma who showed up, crashed on their couch, and never really left. Loves Fatima and Fox, though sometimes his satanism gets in the way of his uncle-ry duties.

- Collin's evil parents. The classic Christian couple who freak out when they discover their son is dating a guy (and is an atheist! and a democrat!) Collin has a tough tough tough time with them, but gets effectively adopted into the Maharassa family, which helps him deal with his judgmental parents.

...and then other people I'm too lazy to list.

Basically, it's an awesome comic and everyone should read it.
Person 1: "I was reading Friendly Hostility the other day--"
Person 2: "Dude! It think you mean, 'I was reading Friendly Hostility the other day, the FUCKING BEST WEBCOMIC OF ALL TIME EVER!'"
Person 1: "....yeah."
by hobocore September 09, 2009
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