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a non-bboy who lives on Youtube (or the internet in general), and acts like he knows bboying. The term "eboy" comes from "electronic bboy", AKA one who is a bboy only on his computer. Often, an eboy is one who:

1. criticizes/gives advice to real hardworking bboys on how to airtrack but can barely do a six-step

2. spends hours on the Youtube comments debating with other eboys about who is the best bboy and why, which country is better, which crew is better, who bit who, etc., when in fact if they just practiced anywhere as much as they ran their damn mouths they'd probably be as good as those pros

3. watches powermove vids and says "wow power"

4. hates on the eboys who love power, and acts like he's any better by looking at any basic sixstep and says "wow style"

5. worships cico and always claims that he wins when all he does is the same damn 2/3 moves over and over and freaking over again

6. hates on "all-power" korean bboys because he doesn't know anything about anyone other than gambler crew and extreme crew, and doesn't know that Expression crew was an all-style crew

7. hates on american bboys because he's never actually danced with true american bboys and doesn't understand style or flow

8. hates on anyone for that matter, because bboying is ultimately about love for the dance and music, and sharing an amazing culture with everyone regardless of race, age, origin, disability, viewpoint, or taste. Stop hating and go practice.
guy1: no you have to put your left wrist at 73.683 degrees if you want to land properly for the airtrack
guy2: ... what a freaking eboy

1: lilou is better because etc etc etc etc
2: shut up and go practice you eboy

1: omg power
2: eboy

1: power sucks, omg look six step = style
2: eboy

1: cico is jesus
2: you're gonna go to hell eboy

1: korean bboys have always been all power
2: what about the ones who started everything, eboy

1: american bboys just suck, they always lose BOTY
2: how about you come and see for yourself, eboy

1: everyone sucks except me
2: that's cuz you blow, eboy
by hiphopunity July 12, 2009
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