12 definition by hiemlich schlonge

The definition for the act of drinking 8 Wild Turkey mixed drinks and taking two lorazepams and blacking out while not losing conciousness. This may lead to the drinker/drug taker doing many things that only pictures will prove to him/her later that he actually did.
Todd was playing a fine round of golf until the eighth Wild Turkey which sent him into WildTurkeyLorazepamnesia. This resulted into a broken golf cart, a broken yard marker, a dislocated shoulder for William, pictures being taken of Todd's genitals, and James having sharting himself.
by hiemlich schlonge February 18, 2010

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To have someone who once held a positition of high regard lie to your face and you believe it.
Adam was listing all the things Michael had done in his life and it was obvious he had been Griffed.
by hiemlich schlonge February 21, 2010

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This is a variation of the Danny Glover and the Donkey Punch. The man must get his member good and dirty with feces while anally plugging his partner. He must pull out and whip her ass with his shit covered cock. This makes her ass black like a black horse and you have now whipped her like a race horse jockey would. After her buttocks are good and black the man re-inserts his member into anus. When he is close to climax he pulls the ole Donkey Punch by punching her in the back of the head.
Ben knew he was never going to see that fat assed volleyball player again after last night so he wanted to have some shits and giggles so he Black Stallion Donkey Punch her yankee bitch ass.
by hiemlich schlonge February 20, 2010

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This is a sexual act in which your partner gives you a rim job and a reach around at the same time Rusty Trombone. However, in this variation your partner removes their false teeth and clamp down on your testicles as hard as possible.
I thought Sharon wanted to make up for all those years of treating me like crap by giving me a Rusty Trombone for my 40th birthday. But she Charlie Browned me by pulling a Rusty Nutcracking Trombone on my already sore balls.
by hiemlich schlonge February 22, 2010

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A version of Mississippi Mohawk using a Zebra Turd. A Mississippi Mohawk is Cleveland Steamer on someone's head. A Zebra Turd is a turd after your partner has jizzed in your anus.
Janice was tired of Barry cuming in her ass when she was prarie dogging so when he drank his 10 Natty Lights and passed out she dropped A Don King on his head.
by hiemlich schlonge February 22, 2010

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