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Zasca! is the Spanish equivalent of Bazinga! as used by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.

The complete phrase is "Zasca en toda la boca", that means "In your face!" or more especifically "Turn down for what!"

Normally the Zasca is accompanied by an arm / hand movement like it's cutting the air horizontally or vertically.
Student: Did you correct the exams?
Teacher: I didn't . I have other groups and other exams to correct.
Student: And we have other subjects and other homework to do.
*Students in the back*: Zasca!
by helteo January 16, 2018
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go to hell, typically used with Asian suppliers, who not work properly
- when will you able to ship the samples?
- not worry, sir, next week, no problem, but we finally had problem because of Diwali festival, you know
- oh, you bastard, go to the beach and wait for the tsunami!
by helteo November 23, 2008
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sometimes raining, sometimes very sun,

a comment by an Indonesian, concening a changing forecast weather
- So, Widhi, how's the weather in Bali?
- SRSVS, Sometimes raining, sometimes very sun
by helteo November 23, 2008
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