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One who possesses a great amount of swagger, which leads to the jealousy of those who do not posses it.
Skor: "I got a detention slip, bruh."
Tek: "Why?"
Skor: "For being too based out!"
by heck5 January 19, 2011
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(Verb) To keep it real. Staying true to one's self and resisting the temptation to be fake.
Hecks: So you haven't talked to your side piece, you miss her?
Kik: The only time I miss a bitch is when I swing and she ducks, tkir.
by heck5 March 3, 2017
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I can go forever like an old fashioned country mouse
Estilo be guajiro
Latino is the lingo
I’m straight Cubanichi
I bang Pinar del Rio

— Sen Dog (Cypress HIll artist)
by heck5 April 23, 2010
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