3 definitions by harv1989

Bodan: "you gonna come kick some white ass tonight?"
Rajib: "fo shizzle ma nizzle, im there!"
by harv1989 October 24, 2006
Being cocky and generally a pain in the fucking ass about something by boasting and acting like other people give a shit.
A: Mike's been givin' it large about his new girlfriend.

B: Ye he's a cunt, and what's more she's about as hott as snow.
by harv1989 October 28, 2006
When you have nothing else to do, and suicide is not an option, you can use it to talk to people that you would otherwise ignore. A useful tool for internet perverts and loners.

Dave: I go on Windows Live Messenger every night.

Everyone else: Dave is such a loser!
by harv1989 October 28, 2006