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2002.12.24:12:16 <halfdead> Bulba r0x
2002.12.24:12:17 <Bulba> me? neah
2002.12.24:12:17 <Bulba> i'm just a regular guy, with regular job ;)
2002.12.24:12:18 <halfdead> okay, but u got love and respect from a scene whore like myself
2002.12.24:12:22 <ducer> scene whore, buahahah

2002.12.24:17:05 <tombin> yo, thats halfdead. the non-bbs guy.
2002.12.24:17:05 <halfdead> exactly
2002.12.24:17:05 <halfdead> but, heh.. 'yo, thats halfdead. the scene whore guy.' would've been a more accurate description
2002.12.24:17:06 <halfdead> i'm the ultimate scene whore

2002.12.17:13:15 <halfdead> <- scene whore
2003.01.18:17:16 <halfdead> <- scene whore
2003.01.21:18:44 <halfdead> <- scene whore

2003.01.21:18:15 <+halfdead> nils: am i a scene whore?
2003.01.21:18:15 <nils> heh, sure!
2003.01.21:18:17 <+halfdead> i have TESO private code
2003.01.21:18:22 <halfdead> I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS :(
2003.01.21:18:22 <halfdead> WHY DOES EVERYBODY HAS TO DISLIKE ME?

2003.01.21:18:50 <r> i was in jail
2003.01.21:18:50 <halfdead> and now you come here and call me a scene whore
2003.01.21:18:51 <r> morgan told me
2003.01.21:18:51 <r> to call you a scene whore
2003.01.21:18:51 <halfdead> MOTHER FUCKIN MORGAN

2004.03.18:20:19 <@strJ> | halfdead (halfdead@ (unknown)
2004.03.18:20:19 <@strJ> ircname : scenewhore
2004.03.18:20:19 <@strJ> | channels : @#phrack

2004.04.27:07:51 <drain> finally obtained the status of whore?
2004.04.27:23:25 <@halfdead> drain: shut up, filthy scene whore

2004.04.27:23:38 <@filth_> go write a backdoor faggot
2004.04.27:23:38 <lkm> filth_: you gotta become scenewhore like halfdead

2004.04.30:01:19 <@halfdead> yes, i was born a scene whore
by halfdead June 12, 2004
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some person, without any technical skill, that seeks scene status by sucking up others
<halfdead> <- scene whore
by halfdead June 12, 2004
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