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Someone cashing in on a trend/scene, following it for fashions sake. Tends to be commonly associated with emo/hardcore scene.
Those damn scenexwhore kids and their stupid white belts, thinking they know what emo is, without realizing it died almost 10years ago.
by Isobel January 17, 2004
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a total poser, hangs out at shows, that shes never even heard of the bands. and dances around like a chicken with no head.

Random; who are you talking to? your such a scene whore.

SceneGirl; Stfu cunt, yhur jeAloz dat im ScenexCORE and yhur not.
by aalyse.x3 July 28, 2009
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A label typically assigned to female irc users, who lurk about technical channels/forums (#hackphreak, for example (NOT!!!)), although are completely uninterested in computer related topics, and are totally, absofuckinglutely lacking in ANY skill other than the ability to completely whore up a channel with "Hi hi!! ;);) *kisses*", etc. Scene whores often keep blogs in which they write about their totally interesting lives, and post grainy, poor quality pictures of themselves pouting at a webcam. Scene whores are often lonely, unattractive, socially inept, half-wits, who’s only chance at getting attention from the opposite sex is by talking with lonelier, more unattractive, more socially inept + desperate males (i.e. a typical #hackphreak user). A scene whore is easily spotted sporting a name which combines both their gender and an operating system they've never even used.
freebsdgirl, geekgrl, unixgirl, unixbabe, etc etc.
by Kaitlyn December 21, 2004
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one who religously goes to shows, likes a band because they think one of the members is attractive. you can also find them listening to a variety of indie or hardcore bands, which they secretly hate.
their wardrobe consists of clothes you could also find on a hooker, as different as they try to look from each other, they all look the same.
"dude<3<3 are you going to the show tonight? that one band is playing, their singer is soo hott, and they sound like that one band whose shirt i have, even though i've never heard them, i just found it at hot topic."
by e_____ July 14, 2005
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A girl who dresses up in the latest trendy scene wear and goes to a show to hit on the band and anything else with a penis because she just got her cool haircut and dyed it herself. She wears the same pants as the boys and bought her clothes at a thrift store.
"Do you think that girl is hot?"

"The one wearing your pants? The Scene Whore?"
by JERzilla December 24, 2005
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(adj.) someone who thinks they are really emo and takes pictures of themselves not looking at the camera with eyeliner smeared all over their face and wearing a super cool emo band shirt.

and they
type like
this and
it is
really annoying
but very
amusing at
the same
time. :)
I saw this scene whore the other day and I punched them in the ovaries.
by i dont have one October 08, 2005
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