4 definitions by hahagg100%

person1: do you know Tanjiro?

Person 2: omg he so sweet!

person 1: hes a little cinnamon roll!
by hahagg100% September 26, 2022
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the coolest guy you'll ever meet, he will care for you and help you when your down. he will always be there in the good and bad times. hes mainly short and plays video games but he's very smart and popular, he plays soccer and doesn't care who tf you are he will care more than anyone. never ever lose him because you will regret ever losing such an amazing person. cheer him up when he feels down and support him in anyway. Eddie if you see this.... have a nice birthday ^^
Person1: " hey do you know eddie? "
person2: " omg yes! he's the sweetest person i've ever met! "
by hahagg100% May 17, 2023
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The cuteness you need in your life. much chonk. need 2 squeeze chonk.
Chubby seal1: " OMG! its chubby sealllll! "

Chubby seal2: " OMG! I NEED TO SQUEEZE! "
by hahagg100% March 31, 2022
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