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The man who created the ultimate soundtrack for the climax of the time that reshaped our nation into what it is today, namely the revolution of the 60's. maybe he wasn't the cleanest guitarist, maybe he wasn't always the crispest most perfect musician out there, but by god he played with more feeling than clapton or slash or anyone else ever will(not that i dislike them, clapton's definitely up there). and you can't say that he couldn't play the same things as them, he easily could with practice, like they had time to practice. he employed the imperfections and extra sounds and turned all the slip-ups he made into some sort of lick or effect. the amazing thing about jimi is that he made up on the spot some of the most difficult and influential licks in the history of music. there is absolutely no way around the fact that he is the greatest guitarist, even if he isn't the most perfect. That's why we'll travel by my dragonfly.
The Star Spangled Banner-Woodstock

The Purple Haze Solo-Woodstock(if you haven't heard it, you need to get a copy of "Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock)
by gypsys_child June 29, 2005
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ok... first of all... marriage is a religious institution, but not of christianity. the pagans, woulds, and germanic tribes of europe were doing it way, WAY before christianity came about. so were various tribes and religions all over the world. many of them weren't polygomous, so don't start with no gay or bi marriages.
second of all, you cannot choose to be gay. you do not turn gay later in life, you realize it. it's a mutation in the genes. if you don't believe me, try to turn yourself gay. honestly, if you think you can turn yourself gay and then back, you shouldn't be afraid. turn yourself gay. sexually want someone of the same gender. it isn't easy, is it? neither is forcing your genetic structure to follow society's standards just because christians said so.
in the end, religion doesn't decide the laws of our country. morals and needs do. basic human morals are being kind to your fellow man, not banning the ability to love another man. it's religious morals. don't force religion on people, don't force sexuality on people. gays have never done anything like that to you.
actually i'd like to see an example of gays ganging up on straight people because they're straight, or trying to pass laws based on their sexuality. apparently a lot of people thing gays need to leave straights alone. why can't they stand to leave gay marriage alone?
by gypsys_child March 07, 2006
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