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The union cunts didnt bother to do anything for us this year but sure fuckin got paid anyway.
by guyworkin April 4, 2009
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Legal extortionists.

Labor unions can not require you to be a MEMBER in order to work a particular job.

But the can require you to PAY the full fees under what they call the FAIR SHARE act.

Nothing fair about it mates. It's fuckin' extortion plain and simple.
Labor unions are running the tightest legal racket in the world at the expense of the working people. What a fucking scam.
by guyworkin April 4, 2009
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1. A union ass bag who steals from the workers while supposedly "representing" their interests.

2. An AFSCME Representative

Note: this is a gender inclusive term that can be applied to a man, woman, or trans-gendered person.
That shit-heel at AFSCME is worse than Jimmy Hoffa. At least Hoffa got the workers paid good. That shit-heel at AFSCME doesn't even do that for us. Fact is s(he) couldn't give two shits about us. S(he) just wants to get paid..
by guyworkin April 4, 2009
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