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A 12 year old who just discovered the internet and all it's anonymity.
There is no example, if you ever even glanced at a forum you've seen at least 1 internet tough guy.
by Guy45 August 28, 2009
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A legitimate genre of music that a lot of racist and/or ignorant people pass over because of the 10 songs they hear on bus while they're way to their Middle School or on the radio on their way to they're job. Generally because they hear these few artists on the Radio they generalize it with the entire genre because they think its all the same even though they completely forgot the millions of legitimate acts out there that actually rap about real issues and real stuff, not materialistic things or the cornerstone to every rap sucks argument (They only rap about Drugs, Girls, and Guns).
Guy 1: Hey Dude! Did you hear Fallout Boy's new single?

Guy 2: Uhh no, I don't really like them.

Guy 1: What? Don't tell me you listen to rap! That stuff SUCKS!

Guy 2: Actually yes, even though I like some rock. And where in the hell did you get that generalized peice of bull-Wait, don't tell me...The internet?

Guy 1: Yeah! They told me its all about Money, Hoes and Guns!

Guy 2: ........You realize that you should 1. Never trust 4Chan, and 2. Listen to a wide array of artists before you judge a genre. Like take songs like B.I.B.L.E. (GZA song), its about learning and the meaning of life and why we're here. If I Ruled The World (Nas) is another song about how Nas would change things if he was blessed with the opportunity to rule the world.

Guy 1: Ha, what would Nas do, change the world so all it plays on the radio is synthetic beats? Thats another thing, they have no talent so they can't play instruments.

Guy 2: No....he said things like

"Lifestyle cruising blue behind my waters
No welfare supporters more conscious of the way we raise our daughters"

And what about the beats? If you hate the beats why not listen to live rap songs (Can't Knock The Hustle for one) or generally any album by The Roots. Can't say they're not talented, they're a whole band but instead of a singer they have a Rapper.

Guy 1: Ok....they sound decent, but all rap is CRAP. The internet and the microchip implanted in my brain told me so.

Guy 2: How does a bad joke prove anything? Just because Rap and the word crap share 3 letters doesn't mean it is crap.

Guy 1: But they're right! It takes no talent, just a bunch of niggers talking shouting every profane word imaginable!

Guy 2: OK, freestyle for me. I want to see you be as good as Biggie, Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Common, and every other rapper combined in a matter of seconds. Oh and don't forget, if LL can make an album without a single curse that means you can too right? Cause you're obviously more talented.

Guy 1: Uhh Yo yo yo, watch me flow, I'm at the club rocking rings and getting bitches

Guy 2: That was horrible, like worse than Soulja Boy. Wait hold on....doesn't that make you even less talented than a bunch of Niggers talking?

Guy 1: Shut the fuck up, its not music because me and some white supremesists longing for the 1820's say so!

Guy 2: OK. Me and a thousand people say rock is trash and isn't music. Does that make me right? If me and a million people said Gravity doesn't exist, would that make me right? No. You're an idiot.

Guy 1: ..............
by guy45 August 28, 2009
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