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The cousin to the infamous no-shave-november, Mustache March is the month of the year in which men are required to grow out a mustache of some sort. The Standalone is the most acceptable mustache of march, but mustaches such as the French Mustache and The Handlebar Mustache are also very nice to see in Mustache March.
Chuck: "Man i was flirting with this girl today and she just totally blew me off. i think it is because of this stupid mustache i have been growing to proove my man hood... i hate mustache march"
by guppietoe December 22, 2009

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when people are watching tv, and one person begins to tell the person in possession of the remote to change channels.
Ron- "we missed the last play of the game because joe made rick change the channel to the weather station"

tom- "what a backseat watcher"
by guppietoe December 05, 2009

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That guy who you see all the time, but either don't remember his name, or haven't ever really been introduced to this guy, but you see him often.
Your walking home at 5 and you see that guy who lives in C4.

As your walking past you say, "whats up dude."

tha-wassupdude: (head node),"sup."
by guppietoe November 12, 2009

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