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when someone acts selfishly and does so in a shamelessly showy manner, especially in a situation like work where protocol keeps you from calling them out

(to understand why, sing like an opera singer warming up with scales: me me me me me me me)
can you believe the boss ate the last three slices of pizza?
yeah man, dude was having a total Opera Moment
by groggyjava April 25, 2008

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the software you're using or writing while you're supposed to be doing something else
you working on that new update to the website?
nah, i'm banging out elseware to sneak my pr0n through the firewall
by groggyjava April 25, 2008

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1.) Flaming on the internet.

2.) Cyberbullying.

3.) Specifically, the ridiculously overzealous reaction one gets when one suggests that net neutrality may not be the panacea most folks assume it is.
You wouldn't believe the Net Brutality I endured when I suggested that Julian Assange's latest leaks may actually backfire.
by groggyjava December 16, 2010

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