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To get caught keeping up interest in a thread by replying to your original post, with intention of using an alternative identity or account, but forgetting to log out of the original account, thus replying to your own post, but writing seemingly as a different person.

So named after the user Danks on a World of Warcraft discussion forum, in which the user replied to their own original post, but as a different person.
Danks - Level 14 Troll Mage
Wow I like the honor system and the huge battles. Just increase the Horde guards levels a bit and this game will be about perfect!!!

Danks - Level 14 Troll Mage
Yes I agree. PVP action is key.
by grobelaar April 25, 2005

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A gathering or social occasion, particularly a night out with friends with an unwritten agreement that the scope of the occasion’s festivities will be limited thereby leaving the participants able to function with a reasonable amount of alacrity in the morning. Mostly commonly used for midweek drinking and people’s whose lifestyle involves constant weekly partying.
John rang up to enquire if Jenny was coming out clubbing tonight.

Jenny replied "Yes, but it'll have to be a skirmish I've got to work the next day".
by Grobelaar July 02, 2008

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