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“more likely a female name” Generally one way to describe her. The (rad) hottie with a body that you've wanted to get in the sack since you knew what your penis could be used for.The uber-nice Evanza are typically quiet and slightly introverted, but are one of the sweetest and most genuine people you will ever meet. These Evanzas are usually strikingly sexy, intelligent, but may at unexpected times say/reply without thinking like a dumb blonde “most Evanzas have black hair and hazel/green eyes”. Once you get to know them and see their true "inner beauty" you will fall in love no matter your or her sex, race or age.

An Evanza usually don't realize that they're hotties. She only sees and will always see, herself as an average or slightly above. They have some bite to their bark, don't underestimate them. They may have a soft heart but once pushed to the limit they woman up and erase you from the planet earth. They will openly tell you how it is, but are kind enough to only do so when needed if the information is potentially damaging or hurtful. These Evanzas are generally super-intelligent, and have a killer smile!

She will do anything in her power to help any person in needy circumstances. They are excellent in keeping secrets/trustworthy. She can give you the perfect advise if needed. Evanzas are faithfull and true to her partner. They are very good in bed and enjoys new exotic+sexual positions every time!
If you ever find the girl named Evanza, make her your girlfriend and marry her atleast twice in a lifetime! She is well worth keeping!

Einstein second name is Evanza!
by greenday007 July 09, 2012
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