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the act of attaching the nozzle to a hose which will result in the maximum force of water pressure possible, and then aiming at and spraying the shit out of someone or something. thus, it has been turbo-hosed.
Allen : how would you suggest i clean the shit out of shoes? someone took a dump in them today.

Marissa: in my overall opinion, turbo-hose those mofos with a shitton of detergent.
by gomarili September 29, 2006
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When you think you woke up feeling shitty due to the fact that you ate too much cake and got too little sleep the night before, but find out later that you actually have the stomach flu.
When Raphael woke up, he dismissed how shitty he felt as a Cake Hangover. However, his mother said he had a fever, rediagnosing him as having stomach flu.
by gomarili December 25, 2006
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