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A stainless steel rod that men and women use to strengthen the Kegel muscles (pelvic floor).
Also a common excuse for a women to purchase a dildo...
Jane: What is that in your sock drawer? A dildo?

Fern: No, of course not... it's, er... a Kegel Exerciser.

Jane: Oh... that's completely reasonable. I'm sorry to have called you a sexually starved slag.

Fern: ... you didn't...
by goatonwire June 02, 2009
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1. Exploitable idiocy

2. Dependable tool of war, usually succeeding massive propaganda depicting the glory of your nationality and creating crude, debasing stereotypes. (i.e. political horseshit)

3. What you wouldn't admit to your lover in front of your mates.

4. Walt Disney's promotional campaign for making more children end up suicidal and delusional maniacs once they're confronted with reality.
Love is the single most disgusting, cliched word ever created. If it were a true emotion, they wouldn't have been able to fathom up a word to describe it... fucking hypocritical douchebags
by goatonwire June 03, 2009
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