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When a gay man breaks up with his significant other and there's no chance of getting back together. He then downloads the grindr application to his smart phone so he can meet new local guys to hook up with.
Todd: Did you hear that Justin broke up with Tommy?

Sebastian: No I didn't, but they always break up and get back together a few days later.

Todd: Not this time. I saw Justin on grindr. They're done. It's grindr official.
by glantern35 December 16, 2010

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Your arch nemesis at work. A person that opposes everything you represent, and does nothing besides make your life miserable.
Michelle Obama: Hey Pumpkin, do you want to watch Fox News?

President Obama: No, that network is filled with Lex Luthors.
by glantern35 July 21, 2010

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