18 definition by ginger

A Green Day album with all of their B-sides on it.
I just bought Shenanigans yesterday and it flippin' rocks!
by Ginger February 06, 2005

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a pre lude to sexual intercourse
i gave her a kiss and then she sucked my cock.
by ginger April 10, 2003

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1)Dead skin cell flakes. Typically for black people. Also Dandruff.
2) Shame, embarrassment. (Often accompanied with a hand gesture of sweeping the "ash" flakes of your shoulders.)
1) Ugh, look at your ashy legs. Put some lotion on!
2) Haha, ash on you! (Hand gesture)
by ginger October 28, 2003

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to ejaculate over a womans breasts or face
see that mandy the money shot i gaave her last was unbelievable.it must have been at least half a pint
by ginger April 07, 2003

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