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Shorthand for "arguing on the Internet". Used to demean the nature of debating a topic online, as it rarely has any positive effect on society.
Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.
by Gimmickless August 11, 2008
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Only making a move when one sees an opening. Sometimes mistook as chivalry, sometimes mistook as being a pansy. Always rewards for flirtatious and engaging behaviour.
Sally: We've gone out twice now and you haven't even kissed me. Are you into me or not?
David: I'm defensive dating, and you didn't seem all that interested in getting physical.
Sally: Kiss me, you fool.
David: Awesome.
by gimmickless December 03, 2009
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Used to describe girls who probably aren't all there but are really good at sex. Usually preceded by the word "fails" or "passes".
See that one over there in the New Age section wearing that tight skirt and tinfoil hat? I bet she passes Buckcherry's Law.
by Gimmickless January 11, 2008
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(dis TIN zit) adj. A portmanteau of 'distinct' and 'explicit'. Leaving nothing to the imagination.
Prima: So after I flipped them hot pancakes onto the plate with the gold foil design -- You know, the kind that looks like the Cliffs of Dover? -- I poured that microwaved boysenberry syrup on top of 'em all ever so slowly, pausing to take in that inimitable smell of boyson-
Secunda: Girl, that distincyt is exquisite! Quit it! You're making me hungry.
by gimmickless March 31, 2010
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