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Allegedly, a Greek term for dick stemming from Greek "kotopoulo",chicken. Not sure if this is correct spelling but pronounciation is definately accurate.
"Shary, he's quite a fuck despite his short cotula."
by gilgamesh April 18, 2003
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A really hot girl. Someone who makes you "explode" inside when you see her.
At a club: Check out that nova on the dancefloor.
by gilgamesh July 3, 2005
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An ultra intelligent, greater being that knows everything from IRC scripts to the meaning of life. Kinda like a prophet, however Vorpy tends to go into a trance known as 'lurking' where he stands, staring blatantly at the wall. Vorpy can be easily found in #edensworld, #rpgclassics and #evilc.
Vorpy> Sure I can make a script to launch a nuclear bomb at a users house everytime he says the word chicken.
by gilgamesh July 12, 2003
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