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Professional porn. Sex that is considered to be so great, that it should be made into adult entertainment. See that is freakayyyyy
OMG we had freaky ass sex last night and it was AMAZING!!!!
by Giggles01 June 02, 2015

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if someone used a "medium," for example below the "mug," and that person did something, the next person who uses that medium basically did that same thing.
if you were a guest to your friend's house and you just happened to use his mom's mug, well your mom gives your dad a bj, then your friend has just sucked your dad's cock by proxy. Another example is, if a girl co-worker has slept with 10 guys and a guy co-worker ate the girl coworker's left over sandwich, then the guy coworker just slept with those 10 guys by proxy!
by giggles01 September 29, 2008

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