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Bursed is when you seem to always miss the bus, if you come on time, the bus came early. If you come early, the bus comes irrationally late. And no matter what you do, no matter how many times you call, it never comes at the according time and seems to always make you wait as long as possible.

So you have the curse of the busses, the bus curse.
"Your late again?!" "Sorry man, I'm bursed."
by ggakk September 13, 2009
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A term that came from the origin "lolumad". It's a way to egg people on who are getting angry over the internet, mainly used in games to make them angry and lose their cool.
Player 1 : hey wanna fight ?
Player 2 : no you hack and your a noob
Player 1 : loluscared
Player 2 : no. I just dont want to fig-
Player 1 : LOLUSCARED?
Player 2 : stfu I could own u lets fight. *K0'd*
by ggakk January 17, 2010
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