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Kickass shop usually found in malls. A shop with preppy-style shirts, but who gives a fuck. Their shirts are awesome, hilarious, and you can get some for half the price of Abercrombie's shirts. People that diss this shop are (1.)fucking retarded, (2.)havent even been there, (3.)or they just hate an asshole that happens to be a "Prep", so they stereotype all preps.
Look at that fuckin awesome shirt from AE!
by getoffmywaves May 30, 2005

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A shop owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, but a HELL of a less cheaper. It's still a preppy-clothing style shop. A new shirt at Abercrombie & Fitch is 24.50, While a new shirt at Hollister is 15.50. Sometimes the shirt's at hollister are even better quality than other shops.
Look at that fucking awesome shirt... for only 15.50? It's mine!
by getoffmywaves May 30, 2005

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A boyband with squeakyass voices. Girls are crazy for Nsync, even though your average straight guy would rather listen to nails on a fucking chalkboard.
those are the fags that sing that guy song, bye bye bye?
by getoffmywaves May 28, 2005

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