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A situation that deserves the support of a community.
The locals’ cott the oil company for the avoidable oil spill that destroy the state coastal line.
by getcott April 5, 2015
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The ability for a person, place, or thing to portray itself as one thing but capable of switching whenever deemed convenient.

Something that is covfefe cannot be trusted because it will not always stand by values or norms that has been set.

The United States has shown to the world that it is a covfefe country after President Trump set aside The Paris Agreement that was signed by many nation to help lessen human impact on the environment.

It is evident that America will continue to be a covfefe country because Trump is building a wall along side the border of Mexico so that another president can tear it down.

America was previously deemed a covfefe country when George H. W. Bush invaded Iraq base on a theory that the Iraqi's had WMD's.

World leaders have identified America as covfefe country after German's Chancellor Angela Merkel said "The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days".
Since we are now a covfefe, it will be difficult and costly to earn trust.
by getcott June 4, 2017
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