Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy established by the Obama administration in June 2012.
He was arrested for DACA.
by Iloveyoualwayz September 13, 2017
"să fac spume dacă ştiu", ( usually typed as "sa fac spume daca stiu") is a romanian expression (slang) that people use when they don't know something. Recently, someone went viral on tiktok while they were tasting a dessert. When they asked their mom what it was, she responded with "să fac spume dacă ştiu". "să fac spume dacă ştiu" has become the name of the dessert (it's just pudding, if you're wondering) and everyone is crazy about it.
A: "Let's bake a cake"
B: "Let's make something even better. Let's make sa fac spume daca stiu"
by thebabyraccoon January 29, 2021
"sa moara mama daca mint" or "die my mother if I lie" is a very used expression here in Romania.
If you want to make someone really think you say the truth, this is the best expression you can use.
Nu am luat eu pixul, sa moara mama daca mint!
I didn't took the pen, die my mother if I lie!
by apixxxxxxxxx December 9, 2021
Spoken by Carmin_35, the origin of the word takes place back in 2021. It means ''how suspicious it would have been if we were talking in math'', Carmin_35 is a popular member of ROBLOX Romania.
Carmin_35: ”Oare cat de suspect ar fi fost daca noi vorbeam prin matematica.”
HermmanSigmaringen:”esti cringe.” ( You're Cringe )
by Vosifey200 February 20, 2022
he is a material gworl. he is proud slovenian 🇸🇮. he loves nature and scouts. he loves hiking . his bff plays drums and is very crazy and hes good at singing. daca can be cocky but he has a good heart and his humor is great.
im a material gworl!
no, daca is😡🤬🤬🤬
by sarcun May 6, 2022