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the act of exercising caution so not to confuse any engagement with homosexual activity.
ryan and paddy have gone shopping together.

lets hope those two are using gadar stealth, they are bromancing all the time these days.
by gerard jacques November 04, 2010

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when alcoholic drinks are consumed en masse at a blistering place in order to exit an establishment and make way to the next rendezvous
chopper has just shouted a beers for kel and nathan. nathan grabs his beer while eyeing his watch and observing the time.

Nathan: what time we hitting the members, its 11am?
Chopper: i said we'd be there before 11am.
Nathan: Fuck me man, bang em.
Kel: Indeed
by gerard jacques March 15, 2011

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when gangstas or male occupants of a car place their arms out of the windows while checking out bitches or marking turf. their arms extend out of the window giving the effect of their knuckles dragging on the road. knuckle dragging is usually performed on friday or saturday nights in a pimp ride.
Marty: lets roll in your car man and check the main drag

Ryan: you love knuckle dragging dude, its wednesday afternoon.

Marty: you dig it the most. i just wanna see some skirt.
by gerard jacques March 18, 2011

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