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Moshers=best people there is
Someone who generally dresses in black...i.e baggy jeans and normally a band t-shirt with long hair(but not always long hair). They listen to alot of slayer,machine head,chimaira and other such metal bands. They enjoy going to gigs.They tend to avoid fights with people mainly chavs but there comes a time where there is a need to actually get stuck in. They stick up for what they believe in and for their friends
chav #1: haha look at dem goffs innit
moshers: *walk off*
chav #2; oi you little goff shits cum da fook ere now
mosher #1: what do you want?
chav #1:*throws a punch*
mosher #1 and #2:*knocks out the 2 twatty chavs*
mosher #1: so err what the fuck did you just say you prick? *walks off*
by gamble93 December 02, 2007
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