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The simple gratifying action of a man while he stands and receives a blowjob in which he lifts his shirt to get a better view.
I pulled a shirt move and then I just unloaded in her mouth.
by furry bear September 22, 2009
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A very thin heterosexual male who when traveling with other males decides to dress himself only with a washcloth worn as a loincloth. A short towel guy will always refer to himself in the third person when making an entrance into a room of males. This behavior is primarily done for shock value and is especially effective when least expected.
Short Towel Guy(entering the room): Has anyone seen Short Towel Guy?

Travel companion: Dude, what the fuck are you doing?
by furry bear September 22, 2009
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the false concept that the local weather is unique to all other weather in the world and is in itself its own entity. It is usually mundanely referenced when the weather is out of synch for the season. i.e. A 60F degree January day in Cleveland.
Fat old lady from Cleveland getting into her mini-van, "This ain't no winter day, it feels like summer! Kooky Cleveland weather!"

Intelligent bystander, "What's that? Are you another idiot with a regional weather complex?"
by furry bear October 02, 2009
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