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1) High quality format codec for digital video files (.AVI). XviD uses lossy video compression algorithm to produce small file sizes while maintaining high quality encodes.

2) XviD, backwards for 'DivX', was created by those few who were part of the DivX team during when DivX use to be open source. After DivX went public and started charging for its software, the few "anti-DivX" members continued with their own open source MPEG4 format codec under the name XviD.
"XviD pwnz DivX in every way"
by fumofumo June 5, 2005
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Japanese slang terminology equivalent to "wassap/sup!". Commonly used in a non-formal matter. (eg: between friends)
"Oiisu Ryusuke! C'mon hurry or we'll be late for the anime convention!"
by fumofumo June 1, 2005
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The pedo in denial', hentai hating, tentacle tramatized, ecchi lovin' baka in #animeone.
<Baka^ni> I would so do Shinobu-chan from Love Hina.. and you can't call me a pedo either for saying that.. seeing how Shinobu is around 18 yrs old now since the anime came out in 2000.
by fumofumo March 7, 2005
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