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When a lady who has had plastic surgery on her vagina forgets to shave, thus creating a dolly bush.
My boyfriend and I were in the moment, I had just given him a hand job, and his hand was in my panties. When he ripped them off, he saw that I had a dolly bush, because previously i had had labia reduction. He didnt care. We made sweet love on the sofa, and we woke up still in the 69. #Yolo
by fuckmebabyonemoretime January 8, 2015
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Apart from the song by Flo Rida, this means giving a blow job
I played the song; Blow my whistle in the background.My girlfriend is the best. I ate her out the best i could, then we had the best sex ever. But even though she was exhausted, she still blew my whistle amazingly well.
by fuckmebabyonemoretime January 8, 2015
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