4 definitions by frprtz

When a man sticks his dick and a woman and just kinda leaves it there. No thrusting or movement of any kind.
- "I thought Mormons couldn't have premarital sex."

- "They didn't.. They just kinda stewed. They said that was ok."
by frprtz June 22, 2010
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when you wanna smash someone but you cant so you go home and smashturbate
by frprtz March 29, 2010
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J F-in C

Jesus F**kin Christ
person 1: i puked after 8 beers

person2: JFnC u amateur
by frprtz October 20, 2009
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Quit Fucking Crying Nigger

The second Q is used because QQ looks like eyes with tears.
P1: I hate being killed by grenades all the time.

by frprtz June 18, 2009
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