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A girl who is the object of every man's affection. Able to melt the heart of even the most calloused of men, a Joyana is affectionate, compassionate, sweet, and loving. Joyanas are known to be the best mothers, friends, and significant others. Deeply committed to God, a Joyana will faithfully maintain her spiritually, always seeking to love and care for others. Lastly, a Joyana is adventurous, effortlessly creating fun and life with those around her.

If you are lucky enough to have met a Joyana, never, under any circumstances, let her go. Out of the millions of women in the world, there is no one like her. With her beauty, her faith, and her love, she is truly unmatched and invaluable.
Wait, you met a Joyana? You are the luckiest man alive!

I'm so glad I met her. She is such a Joyana.

She melts my heart like a Joyana.
by Frijoles October 13, 2012

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an indian person or a minority or a chink. these "bean people" as we call them are extremely bitchy and have bean quailties. if they are not an indian person/minority/chink but have bean qualities, they can also be called a bean.
1.) Look at that bean over there. She is so hideous looking.

2.) Ew your such a fricken bean stop being so beany !!!
by frijoles February 14, 2005

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