3 definitions by freevageeter

When you take a big dump and your man poon retracts causing your turd to be totally reassumed by the butt. Typically happens on accident but causes feelings of great achievement that forces you to to tell everyone you know about it.
"bro, I went to blast a dookie and ended up with a crowning achievement."
by freevageeter May 05, 2017
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When a chick doesnt' quite meet the criteria of sexy but she is totally into you and something about her make you wanna rail her.
"damn son that ho is got eyes on you"

"shit, she scoobie so I'm on dat"
by freevageeter May 03, 2017
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The run off that occurs during sex with a particularly horny female.
"I thought she pissed on my bed but she just had a lot of waste water. "
by freevageeter May 04, 2017
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