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Martin (who may also be known as Party Marty) is the lead singer of the best band ever called Boys Like Girls. He's an incredible songwriter, musician and performer. He's an inspiration to lots of people. He's loud in your face and doesn't care what anyone thinks. He can be quiet sometimes and outgoing sometimes. His smile is the most beautiful smile in the whole world, and not to mention his eyes, which are the brightest of all the colors.

He is said to be nocturnal. He is a very upfront and confident person. He's also very straightforward, with everything he thinks. He's not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He's not afraid to say anything about his personal life in his songs; he’ll tell you exactly what it’s about. He hates everything related to the internet and hates twitter, though he still has one. He runs martinsays.com which will improve your life 18.7%. If he were to sacrifice a part of his body, he would sacrifice his balls. He used to eat ants in kindergarden and his favorite dance move is the macarena.

Martin's voice can make you feel better whenever you're sad. But the most important thing after all is that he's a down-to-earth guy from Boston, Massachusetts whose dream came true and loves his fans with all his heart.
BLG Fan #1: Martin Johnson... How do I begin to explain Martin Johnson?
BLG Fan #2: Martin Johnson is flawless!
BLG Fan #3: I hear he used to eat ants in kindergarden
BLG Fan #4: I hear he does commercials for Baskin-Robbins
BLG Fan #5: Every night at 11:11 he makes a wish
BLG Fan #6: One time he co-wrote a song with Taylor Swift
BLG Fan #7: And it was included on the short list for Best Original Song at the 82nd Academy Awards.
BLG Fan #8: One time he carried John Keefe and ran down a hilly street in Seattle... and both faceplant in the asphalt... It was awesome.
by freakbeatphntom July 28, 2010
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