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The art of being in an altared state of reality. When an individual experiences an act or event that changes the way they view the world around them, as seen through their own eyes.
Ex. 1 -
Stoner A: Dude. I'm so high, cloud 9 is low. This dope has got me skitzo!
Stoner B: Yeah dude. Me too.

Ex. 2-
Biker A: Hey man, I got a new motorcycle.
Biker B: About time man. You've been talking about that for months now.
Biker A: Yeah I know. But, it was so worth the wait.
Biker B: Why's that?
Biker A: The adreniline rush I get from riding it, gets me Skitzo!
by Frankie Chaos April 27, 2008
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The word used when one can not remember the answer to the question at hand. But, this answer is only valid if the answer involved is of numerical valve, and that number is greater than what you can count on your fingers and toes.
Newly Wedds:
Wife - Baby I'm so happy we're finally married.

Husband - Yeah sure. It's Great, isn't it.

Wife - Ok, you know I saved myself for you. It's time for you to be honest with me. Baby, how many women have you had sex with?

Husband - Hmmm, I've?...........enough.
by Frankie Chaos July 14, 2008
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The phrase a super cool individual will use when he/she is correct about the topic of discussion in a conversation. And the accuracy of this person's knowledge is correct without the slightest doubt.
Dude 1: Man!! You're so lame. That chick you just tried to get with totally shot you down.
Dude 2: Who? You mean that babe who just gave me her number.
Dude 1: What?! You got her number! I tried to get that chick's number like 3 or 4 times already.
Dude 2: Well, correct me if I'm wrong. But, it seems you're the one who got shot down. Whamme!!
by frankie chaos August 12, 2008
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The act when an individual or couple leaves a get-together, party, dinner, or any friendly occasion hours before it is to end. This person or couple is usually very lame in nature/personality and often trys to make their friends believe that they have more important things to do then hangout with their friends. As a result of this, this person or couple is very lonely and is always annoyingly calling his/her friends looking for the next cool or exciting thing to do, but rarely comes out to enjoy.
Steve: Hey, where did Nicole go?
Rachel: Oh, she left fashionably early again.
Steve: I should have figured. She's running home to go be with her husband she never has anything good to say about.
Rachel: Yup, you guessed it dude.
(a cell phone rings)
Rachel: One second. Oh, look who's calling. (picks up)
Nicole: Hey, what's up?
Rachel: Not much.
Nicole: Hey, is there anything going on tonight?
Rachel: Yeah!?! This awesome party you just left. Speaking of. Why did you leave?
Nicole: Uh? (pause) I don't know?
by frankie chaos August 12, 2008
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