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Hardware banned :
(Gaming Term)You will get this ban if you are confirmed hacking/modifying game content by EA and PB(Electronic Arts/Punk Buster) They will get the information of components in your PC that will not change... Even if you reformat, and block that hardware number from every server that uses PunkBuster.
I got hw banned... so i'm not gonna be able to play BF2 until i get a new computer :(
by flyingtoretilas May 19, 2007

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Global User I.D. Ban :
Happens when you play with game modifications, or hacks; and they get detected by an anti-cheating association integrated into the game you play.

It will add your CD key to the black list, and it will not be allowed on servers ever again that uses PunkBuster.
Now i gotta go get a new cd key... I just got guid banned.........
by flyingtoretilas May 19, 2007

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It stands for Punk Buster Screen shot. This can be used with any game that uses PunkBuster(Battlefield 2, America's Army, etc., etc.)It means when you're playing it can capture your actual screen. Purposefully meaning to catch hackers. Admins have to be there to check the screenshots. So if you get screenshotted, it shouldn't really matter unless if an admin checks all of them.
Dude I think I just got pbss'd!! and there was admins there! SH1T!
by flyingtoretilas May 19, 2007

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Punk Buster.
The integrated program into any game that uses Punkbuster to catch cheaters or hackers that try to modify game content unfairly compared to other players.
Aimbots, Chamilion skins, Wall hacks, Name tag hacks, Custom Vectors, Commander hacks, Asus wall hacks, Crosshair, and many more.

by flyingtoretilas May 19, 2007

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